Every business has its own ideals and sell products that they believe in. Gullkrona was founded to make local handicraft more visible and to promote finnish craftsmen and women. Gullkrona is the perfect alternative for those who want to support finnish, and even more so, regional design.

The Gullkrona shop is located in Parainen. To a small extent Gullkrona produces its own products, but most of the things for sale in our shop are products bought from professional craftsmen. We value finnish design, high quality and beauty when we put together our range of products.


Accordning to the legend Queen Blanka donated her crown to the most beautiful place in the archipelago, the Gullkrona ridge. Just like she did, we value the beauty of the archipelago and its products.

One of the founders of Gullkrona, Lena Lindén, painted a picture of Queen Blanka. Later this painting was turned into a transparancy and this transparancy is now for sale in our shops